Yuvanestham helpline number details

Know what is the yuvanestham helpline number. If you any quires about applying for yuvanestham you can contact yuvanestham call center.

Yuvanestham helpline number details

Yuvanestham is a good program which is announced by government of A.P. for unemployed youth. From this program every eligible unemployed youth will get 1000 from government every month. Recent update from government is they are planning to give 2000 instead of 1000.

Yuvanestham helpline number given below:

The number you should contact if you have any quires is “1100”. You can also contact yuvanestham officials through a email : yuvanestham-rtgs@ap.gov.in. Through any one communication (i.e. yuvanestham helpline number or yuvanestham email) you can contact.  

Any quires like facing problems in filling online application or knowing eligibility criteria or any other technical issues, for all these you can contact above given yuva nestham call center number.

I hope yuvanestham helpline number will help you.