YouTube mini player option enabled

Do you know recently YouTube enabled mini player option? This is the great move which is taken by the YouTube. Now we will know what is the speciality of YouTube mini player option.

YouTube mini player option

Before YouTube mini player option was enabled, we can watch only one video. We all know the facebook video player options. We can surf facebook while watching any video on the facebook. Two things at a time we can do. Watching facebook video and surfing facebook can be done at a time while using facebook.

The same option recently YouTube has introduced, that is YouTube mini player option. Mini player option works only for the desktop version. With the help of this YouTube minelayer option, we can watch a video and surf the YouTube for other videos.

How YouTube mini player should be enabled?

If you are watching a video in YouTube and suppose if you are wanted to surf YouTube then just press “I” button on your keyboard. Then automatically mini player will be enabled and now you can surf total YouTube. If you don’t want to see the video in mini player, again you press “I” then it moves to the previous version. So just try to see it. Defiantly you will be feeling great experience while using YouTube.