Whatsapp shocking decision will be active in coming weeks

Read here what is whatsapp shocking decision taken which will make so many users around the world feel happy.

We know that whatsapp is one of the best communicating app on android and Ios. It has lots of users around the world. It is free for one year and later they are used to charge some fee for next coming years. It is around one dollar for second year as first year is free. Already we know that it is going to add video calling feature in it.whatsapp shocking decision Now whatsapp has taken a decision that they are no more to charge the fee for using their app. This information is announced by whatsapp in their blog recently. By hearing this whatsapp users are feeling more happy. By this decision am sure that whatsapp users are going to increase in coming years. Still whatsapp decision is not active now but it will be active in within weeks to come. Anyhow we should appreciate the whatsapp decision