Trick to type lengthy Whatsapp messages in telugu quickly

This is a guide to learn about how to type whatsapp messages in telugu very fastly. As we know that directly we cannot type messages in telugu in whatsapp. By default whatsapp allows its users to type in English only and not in any other language. So that telugu people are typing telugu words in English language and chatting. This causes inconvenience to whatsapp users.

Everyone knows that whatsapp has millions of yours worldwide. In that telugu people are also part of it. But the bad thing is that telugu people not able to chat in their local language. Expressing our feelings in local language is so far better than other languages. So today I show a trick with that you can type whatsapp messages in telugu and you can send it.

whatsapp messages in telugu

Follow the steps if you want to type whatspp messages in telugu:

Visit Google play store in android phone.

whatsapp messages in telugu

Search for “write SMS by Voice” and download, then install it.

Now open it.

Go the settings.

Tap on “recognition language”.

whatsapp messages in telugu

Now you can see so many languages.

Select “telugu” and come back.

Tap on “voice command button”.

whatsapp messages in telugu

Say your message that you want to send in telugu.

Automatically it starts typing in telugu.

whatsapp messages in telugu

Now at the bottom you can see the share button, tap it.

Just share it with whatsapp to your contacts to whom you want to send.

So like this you can type lengthy messages in telugu quickly. This is very simple trick.

Hope from now onwards sending whatsapp messages in telugu is very easy. Like this so many apps are available but for me this is the best app. Not only whatsapp we can share telugu messages in almost all social networking sites. Any issues regarding this let me know.

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