Whatsapp font tricks and typing tricks

Learn about the changing of whatsapp text fonts. Got bored with regular fonts in whatsapp.then lets try my whatsapp font tricks, you can change fonts in whatspp.Generally in computer, we can type the words in bold or in italics or strikethrough and in many more formats. whatsapp font tricks

So the same why cant in android phone. In the most popular texting app whatspp we will be typing in normal way. In whatsapp we can type the message in different fonts. So let’s see about it.

Whatsapp font tricks for Bold text message:

whatsapp font tricks


If you want to type the message in “BOLD” then follow the below format.

*your message*

After typing the message in above format, the message will be converted to BOLD letters.

Whatsapp font tricks for bold italic:

whatsapp font tricks

Type the message in the below given format. Then your message appears in “bold italic”.

*_your message_*

Whatsapp font tricks for italic:

whatsapp font tricks


Wanted to type text in italics then see the below format.

_your message_

Whatspp font tricks for strikethrough:

whatsapp font tricks


If you want to strikeout the message, then just type below given format.

~your message~

Read whatsapp messages without blue ticks:

If we send any messages in whatsapp and if other person receives it then it shows two ticks for us.

If it shows blue ticks then we can understand that other person read our message. Without any blue ticks also anybody can read the message.


Go the setting in whatsapp.

whatsapp font tricks

Tap on account.

whatsapp font tricks

Then tap on privacy.

whatsapp font tricks

In privacy you can see the option “Read Reciepts”

whatsapp font tricks

If it is checked already, now you have to uncheck it.

whatsapp font tricks

From now you can read messages without showing blue ticks in senders mobile.

Hope you liked the whatsapp font tricks and looking forward to hear your opinion.

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