Whatsapp blue text – messages in colorful

Learn how to covert whatsapp black text to whatsapp blue text. Are you irritated typing in black color text? Do you want to type messages in different colors in whatsapp. If yes then you are in right place know. Now I will show you how to type whatsapp text in blue color. 

whatsapp blue

We can covert whatsapp black text to whatsapp blue text with an external app. This app works only in android operating system mobiles.

Steps for converting whatsapp black text to whatsapp blue text:

Go to the Google Play Store.

In search column type “whatsapp blue text”.

whatsapp blue

Now download it and install in your android phone.

whatsapp blue

After installing open the app.

In the input text “type your message that you want to send in whatsapp”.

whatsapp blue

Now automatically the typed message will be shown in different formats.

Choose a format which you like and tap on arrow mark symbol.

If you want to copy the text you can copy it.

whatsapp blue

Otherwise if you want to send that message to whatsapp contacts then select whatsapp.

It takes to the contacts.

whatsapp blue

Choose a contact which you want to send a message and tap on it.

Now just tap on send button.

Finally the message you sent is in blue in color.

whatsapp blue

If you want to share it on facebook or twitter or some other chatting apps you can do that also.

Not only in whatsapp remaining chatting apps also it is working good.

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