Do you want to know How to change jiofi 2 password

If you are using reliance jiofi2 hotspot on your 2G or 3G smart phones. Then you will be worrying about how to change jiofi 2 password. Is it right? Maximum jiofi 2 hotspot users don’t know how they can change their jiofi 2 password. So the default password which is given with jiofi 2 device will be using by all jiofi customers. The problem is anybody can know that passwords very easily. If they know then they can use the data also. To prevent this and also due to security reasons we should change the wifi passwords regularly.

how to change jiofi 2 password

Are you really searching for How to change jiofi 2 password then below is the details about it:


Before proceeding for changing jiofi 2 password you should connect your jiofi 2 device to your system or laptop or mobile through USB cable.

Follow below steps for changing jiofi 2 password:

In your internet browser address just type “jiofi.local.html”.

how to change jiofi 2 password

It takes to the web administration.

Here you can see “login button” on right corner.

Click on that and in username and password type “administrator”.

how to change jiofi 2 password

Now login with above details.

You can see the “wifi” option at the left side.

how to change jiofi 2 password

Click on that.

Now you can see your default security key.

how to change jiofi 2 password

It’s time to change the default password.

Delete the default password and enter your new password.

Then click on apply.

After that click on update, that’s it.

Now you have changed jiofi 2 password.

Restart your jiofi 2 device and connect wifi with new password and enjoy.

So in this way you can change your jiofi 2 password within minutes. I hope this information will be useful for all jiofi 2 users for changing their default passwords. Any quires/ doubts let me know as comments.

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