Video calling feature on Whatsapp coming soon

In online today lots of chatting apps are available. In those apps Whatsapp is also one of the top most app which is trending worldwide. Almost chatting apps are having video calling feature. Now a day’s internet users are loving the apps which have more features that too some exciting features which will attract them. At present the highly popular video calling apps online are Skype stands on first position and then in second position its hangout which is belonging to Google. Many internet lovers are having Skype in their mobile apps because of its high definition video calling facility even at low internet connections.Whatsapp

Now it’s time to Whatsapp which don’t have the video calling feature. Whatsapp is having good features except video calling feature; most of the people who are using whatsapp are missing video calling facility so that they are looking for other apps for this. So realizing this by the whatsapp they are now focusing on developing video calling facility to their users which will increase the popularity of this app worldwide. If this happens they can increase the users in coming days in a great extent. According to the reports we are getting they are now developing a video calling facility and testing on iphones and if it gets successes in that they can develop for android mobiles too. So let’s wait for their official announcement on this.