Unlocking American tourister bag trick

Now it’s time to learn in detail about unlocking American tourister bag if number lock pattern is forgotten. I know that so many of us facing problem by forgetting pattern of our number lock. We know that without actual number lock code it is impossible to open the American tourister bag. So to solve this problem am going to say a trick by which you can open the American tourister bag and after opening you can set new number lock code.

Unlocking American tourister bag

Steps involved in unlocking American tourister bag

  1. Keep your American tourister bag in standing position that is in vertical position. So that you should able to see the all numbers of your number lock.
  2. Then in number lock first number rotate slowly one by one number.
  3. At some number that may be 1 or 2 or 3 or 4…….and so on up to 9. You can observe the hole below that any of the number.
  4. Suppose if you see a hole then leave that number and go to second number lock.
  5. Then repeat the process.
  6. Rotate the number until you see the hole below any number.
  7. Then go to third number repeat the process.
  8. At last now you can observe the below all the three numbers a hole.
  9. Then coming to important stage that is rotate the all the three numbers at a time either forward direction or backward direction by one number.

Example: suppose if you are seeing three holes below three numbers 3 , 8 ,1 then roate 3 to 4 , 8 to 9 and 1 to 2. Or rotate 3 to 2, 8 to 7 and 1 to 0.

Unlocking American tourister bag

  1. After rotating either forward or backward try to unlock it. If the lock is opened its ok otherwise once again move the numbers to forward if you moved previously forward. Otherwise move backward if you have moved backward previously.
  2. Then try to unlock it now at some 3 to 4 attempts you are going to unlocking American tourister bag. That’s it you have done.
  3. If you have any doubts let me know in comments.