Tweet Characters are going to increase in Twitter

Latest hot news in social networking sites is that twitter is going to increase tweet characters in future

In online today there are many social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. In every social networking site we can post our news, we can upload our pictures, videos and we can comment on others posts and articles. Now a day the No.1 social networking site is Facebook. It is slowly increasing its users day by day. Every one showing interest on joining Facebook due to its popularity and due to its flexible options. It is including some new options to attract users into it. Recently when rain in Chennai disturbed a lot facebook has introduced an option so that the users can give their status in Chennai whether they are safe or not. As it is a very popular site if they are in trouble they can inform through this app to so many people within seconds. In this way Facebook is coming in a innovative way. After the Facebook its twitter which is also one of the most popular social networking site to share everything. Every minute there are lots of tweets are going.

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Tweet Characters are increasing from 140 to 10,000 in twitter??

Like every social networking site twitter is also having option to post updates about their happenings and latest news. Here we are calling every updates as tweets. At present twitter is allowing only 140 characters for their users to write any post or any comments or for any updates. Within these characters they have to write their posts. Sometimes it is difficult to convey any message with in this character limit. Users are feeling some difficulty if they have to write some lengthy posts or updates. Keeping in mind twitter is going to increase characters from 140 to 10,000 this is only the gossip we are getting from unknown sources. Let’s wait for twitters official announcement regarding this increasing tweet characters. If this happens then no doubt that it gains still more popularity which leads to increasing of users in future giving more competion to their competitors