Top 5 Apps to Assist You in TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL administered by the ETS confirms that your English language skills are substantial to succeed in international varsities. TOEFL is a valid test and is accepted at numerous universities all around the world meanwhile it has a tremendous admission success rate. However, obtaining a decent score in TOEFL is not a cakewalk and requires immense preparation.Click to know all about TOEFL in Spanish    

Getting a good score in TOEFL can be expedited by using the mobile applications as they provide a more accurate and on the go service to your desired level. Mobile applications also help a candidate learn different levels of English in pursuance for the necessary skills for the test, such as reading and listening. Skills like reading and listening really need efforts and with mobile applications as platforms, learning can be made productive. After mastering the different aspects of English language, with the help of applications testing your knowledge also becomes an easier task. The five best apps to assist in TOEFL preparation are mentioned below.

TOEFL iBT Preparation App

The TOEFL iBT app includes vocabulary for all the fields included in the TOEFL test and uses a clear, perceivable and distinct explanation for each word. In the iBT app, each word has an audio playback, various multiple choice questions are available for practice and test purpose as well. Numerous group choice tests and word choice test and more is available on the iBT app to build your English skills.  A plethora of free sample questions, hundreds of practice tests, multiple interactive skill-building programs, and various detailed tips and proper information for understanding more about the TOEFL test is included in the materials on the iBT app.

The iBT app provides access to free sample questions for all 4 sections of the TOEFL test namely reading, Listening, Speaking and writing. The app also recommends insider tips and resources and substitute your preparation, and the ability to practice the skills. The app also facilitates in-app purchases of good quality reading, listening, speaking, and writing practice tests. These practice test enables a candidate to check progress with 24-hour scoring from ETS.

EduSynch TOEFL® Prep

EduSynch TOEFL® Prep is among the best mobile applications required to prepare for TOEFL. The app allows access to thousands of questions and simulates TOEFL iBT preparation. The app has a similar interface to the test and hence make the test a familiar task. The plethora of questions available on the EduSynch app covers all the different aspects of the exam to make a candidate completely exam ready. The main features of EduSynch TOEFL® Prep app are mentioned below.

  • The interface has full-length, real TOEFL like simulations which are exclusively designed to mimic the actual TOEFL examination.
  • The EduSynch TOEFL® Prep app provides a free access to 1,400+ Reading and Listening questions unconditionally.
  • The app is designed such that it identifies specific areas of weakness of an individual and training using the application is designed in accordance to an individual.
  • The EduSynch TOEFL® Prep app is a fully integrated web and mobile platform complete with a global ranking system.
  • The application also provides for the personalized evaluations for TOEFL Speaking and Writing Simulations which is done by TOEFL certified professors.
  • The app facilitates robust analytics with content competency and time management data using integrated platforms designed for students, teachers, and institutions.

Magoosh TOEFL Prep

Magoosh TOEFL Prep is another app to prepare for TOEFL with the help of which one can study many subjects in the app and know the resources, practice by answering the questions, and learn more by watching its video lessons. The app has test papers having 204 words (51 are easy, 51 are moderate, 51 are hard and 51 are really hard). Having a very simple layout the app is really simple and easy to use. The main features of the application are as follows:

  • Magoosh TOEFL Prep app provides for the excellent lesson and introductions for the entire TOEFL test
  • The app contains an overview of the TOEFL, Format of the TOEFL tests along with introductions.
  • The app has dedicated sections which include reading, listening section and speaking section.
  • The app gives particular tips on how to study for the TOEFL and provides video support for specific details about every section
  • The app also facilitates learning further by the paid version of the Magoosh TOEFL prep app.

Exam English: TOEFL® Grammar

Grammar is the basis for understanding any language and being well aware of the same is a tedious task and makes it impossible for you to use the language. The Exam English: TOEFL® Grammar app helps you to prepare for grammar which is appropriate for TOEFL with its various questions. The application consists of 240 grammar questions with 40 error recognition questions and 240 multiple choices. The application comes with a scoring system as well.

TOEFL Speaking Master App

The app is designed and written by experts at Exam English which are leaders in online test preparation.The Exam English: TOEFL® Grammar app contains a structure section with error recognition and multiple choice questions since TOEFL iBt does not have a specific grammar or structure section. The main feature of this app is its good organization and easy to use format. The Exam English: TOEFL® Grammar app has a very simple layout and there are 3 modes included in the app for the purpose of test, practice and to review the answers. The basic appearance of each mode is

Test mode: The test mode leads to an entire TOEFL speaking test where you can’t bounce from question to question and it consists of a total of 10 questions on the app.

Practice mode: In practice mode one can bounce around in the test i.e. one can start with question 1 and skip any question as required. The total number of tests in the practice mode is 10.

Review mode: In the review mode, one can visit the previous answers you’ve given in test and practice modes and can evaluate and analyse on the need to improve responses going forward.