Tips on how to be No.1 on Google Search Engine

Learn how to make your website or blog no.1 on Google Search Engine rankings  with some simple tips of SEO which is to be adopted

If you are running a business, to make your business grow you should have website or blog online. Now a day even a small business is having a website. It is not enough to have a website or blog online but your website should be promoted well in order to increase your business to top level. There are so many ways to promote your website online but the best thing is to do search engine optimization to your website. It is also called as SEO. This means making your website visible in top pages of Google. So try to apply some SEO techniques. Let us see some tips regarding SEO techniques.

Google Search Engine

Some Search Engine Optimization guidelines to make website or blog No.1 on Google Search Engine

  1. Its starts with choosing a domain name for your website. Choose domain name according to your business products. For example : if your business is about selling books then you can choose domain name as or like this you can choose such that your business keyword should be in domain name.
  2. In home page include the details of your books in a brief which you are going to sell through website online.
  3. Design your website with some good images of books so that it will attract the customers and see that website loads very quickly when a user opens your site
  4. Try to submit the website to search engines especially to Google Search Engine
  5. Try to include the keywords of your books in all the pages of your website
  6. Still some other SEO techniques are also can be adopted to your website after reviewing your competitors websites

Hope this will give you some idea of about maintaining your website online.