Tatkal ticket booking timings full details

This is a guide to know the details on tatkal ticket booking timings. Everyone should know that tatkal ticket booking is not allowed all the times in a day. Booking of tatkal tickets is permitted only after a particular time, before this time we can’t book. So know exactly when tatkal ticket booking timings start.

tatkal ticket booking timings

Basically, tatkal tickets were booked just before a day of your journey. Whenever we have an unexpected journey generally we will opt for tatkal ticket booking. Nowadays booking tatkal tickets is not an easy task. We should understand that under tatkal tickets there will be only some seats available. So those are booking early they will get confirmed ticket otherwise we can’t get a confirmed ticket. We will get waiting list ticket so we should wait and see whether the tatkal ticket will be confirmed or not.

To avoid this waiting list in tatkal tickets everyone should be aware of tatkal ticket booking timings. Without knowing the tatkal booking timings it is not possible to get a confirmed tatkal ticket because as early as possible we have to book the tatkal ticket.

Tatkal ticket booking timings online:

If you are booking AC ticket then you can start booking tatkal tickets from morning 10 onwards.

Suppose if it is Non AC ticket (sleeper ticket) then start booking the tatkal ticket from morning 11 onwards.

Best practices for booking the tatkal ticket:

The first point is that generally, tatkal ticket booking starts at 11 in the morning.

So before that gather all your information like name, address, phone number, debit cards or credits for payment purpose.

Exactly at 11 start entering all your details very fast and book tickets.

If you do like this there won’t be the wastage of time, there will chance of getting confirmed ticket.

See if after 11 if you search for all your details in that gap some other will book the ticket.

So be fast from others and book a confirmed tatkal tickets.

Hope you got a clear idea about tatkal ticket booking timings.