sunder pichai salary the CEO of Google is shocking

Get the details here about sunder pichai salary the CEO of Google. His salary numbers are very high when compare to other CEO’S surprising to everyone.

From the last two years Indians are in the news around the world. The reason is that CEO’s for the top most companies in internet are Indians. Actually the two big companies in internet are Microsoft and Google. The popularity of these two companies on internet is awesome. The pupil who uses internet definitely knows about these two companies. Let’s talk about Microsoft Company. This company is started by bill gates. He is the person who changed the internet to the next level with his OS. This is very popular in providing operating system. Now the most used operating system by the users is windows. Windows is the product of Microsoft Company. In 2104 satya nadella who is the native of Hyderabad appointed as CEO of Microsoft. This news created a sensation around the world.

sunder pichai salary

In 2015 one more sensation news is that sunder pichai was appointed as the CEO of Google. He is the native of Chennai. He did his B.Tech from IIT kharagpur and M.S from Stanford University. Once again proved that how much the Indians are worth. Selecting sunder pichai as CEO of Google by Google shows the how much they are believing Indians capabilities. As of know everybody is eager to know the sunder pichai salary so let’s discuss that in brief.

sunder pichai salary

Is sunder pichai salary is that much high?

Now the news about sunder pichai salary making rounds in social media. After hearing his salary details you will be shocked. According to the information we got Google has given him of about 1200 crores worth share. By this he became the top CEO’S in America. He is the first person in getting that much salary as a CEO. So taking sunder pichai as inspiration start doing your work and reach your goal with your intelligence.