State bank rewardz customer care number

This is a guide to know about state bank rewardz customer care number. Those are having doubts about state bank rewardz program can use this state bank rewardz customer care number and clarify the doubts.

state bank rewardz customer care number

State bank rewardz program is the best program which was introduced by state bank of India to all their customers. All state bank of India account holders are eligible to open this account. Do you know what are the benefits of state bank rewardz program? If you don’t know let me explain about this rewardz program.

While shopping, if you pay the amount through your debit card you are going to earn some reawrdz points.If you spend more amount while purchasing you will earn more rewardz points. And also by internet banking, if you do shopping then also you will earn rewardz points to your account. All these rewardz points will be accumulated and these points can be used to purchase some useful things which will be available on SBI rewardz website.

By using this rewardz points one can buy bus tickets, can be used for buying movie tickets, gift cards, even you can do mobile or DTH recharges, home related things, electronics, clothes and many more. So don’t lose the chance to buy the things by using the rewardz points. If you don’t have the account in state bank rewardz program immediately activate it by visiting the official website. For activating you just need your bank CIF number, account number and mobile number. Takes only 4 to 5 minutes for activating the account. So activate it and make use of state bank of India rewardz program. Regarding this program any doubts then please call State bank rewardz customer care number.

The below given is the State bank rewardz customer care number:

1800 209 8500

6000 8500

In the process of making use of this rewardz points if you have any difficulties, you can contact State bank rewardz customer care number.