Quick look into the new PDF to Word

For a number of years now, many people have been looking for the perfect PDF conversion app, and we are glad to tell you that the solution is here – PDF to Word by Cometdocs. This PDF to Word app has been around for quite a long time – and given that this is the fourth version Cometdocs has released so far, you know that this is a quality app that has been improved upon for years.

pdf to word

New Features

So far, in the previous big update the Cometdocs development center worked around making the app more accessible and they worked a lot on the User Interface. The result of that was the introduction of the Integrated Cloud Services such as Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive and other.

pdf to word

Version 3.0

So, while working on the new version, they didn’t stop there – Cometdocs decided to improve upon their results and listen to the users as well. The end result of this major patch is the implementation of iCloud integration into the app – this basically means that you can easily import any file from most of the popular services, which can be seen on the image below.

pdf to word

Minor improvements

Aside from that big change in the cloud services, Cometdocs made a bunch of smaller, yet as important changes that further improved the user experience and made it so that the conversions are faster and more accurate. You can also now change the name of the newly converted file, which was not an option before patch 4.0 was implemented.

Another thing that didn’t remain the same is the speed of conversions. So far, converting a file could take a couple minutes due to the servers often being flooded and overstocked with files. With the new file removal system in place that won’t happen again – files are now deleted at the most 24 hours after the conversion is finished. The conversion servers now run even faster, thus making the conversion time shorter than before.

Other conversions

PDF to Word is a bit misleading – the name doesn’t really say it all. Even though PDF to Word is the basic conversion type that comes with the free version of the app. There are several more types of conversion offered, which are also available to upgrade to from within the app if you ever need.

Here is a list of other conversions that are available:


  1. PDF to Excel
  2. PDF to Image
  3. PDF to PowerPoint
  4. PDF to Text
  5. PDF to AutoCAD


As you can see, PDF to Word when upgraded covers almost all of the Microsoft Office suite, which makes it one of the optimal mobile app converters for almost any niche and profession!

What are your thoughts

Have you had any experience using this app? If you have what did you think of it, was it a good app that did its job as it should or was it buggy and unfit for its job? Let us know in the comment section below or on the appropriate pages of the App Store and Google Play store!