Protect your facebook profile picture from stealing

Learn how to avoid the stealing of your facebook profile picture. We know that our facebook profile pictures and other photos or images can be seen by anyone. It’s Not only seeing fb profile picture they can download our photos also. We cannot avoid downloading of images by others. Anybody can share or download or tag your images.

facebook profile picture

Now it’s time to protect our fb profile pictures. So just follow my steps and avoid the downloading of fb photos and profile pictures.

Procedure to protect your facebook profile picture:

Go to your facebook account.

Click on your profile picture.

facebook profile picture

Move the cursor on options and click on it.

Then it shows some options.

facebook profile picture

In that you can observe “turn on profile picture guard”.

Now you can see the preview.

facebook profile picture

Here click on “save”.

That’s it. You have done a great job.

Now your profile picture is protected completely.