How to make money on fiverr online?

Most of the people don’t know how to make money on fiverr. Actually it is a very simple thing. Money earning on fiverr is one of the best way on internet. Now let’s see what is a fiverr? and how to make money on fiverr?

what is a fiverr
How the fiverr works
Fiverr gig ideas
How to sign up for fiverr
How to make money on fiverr?

What is a fiverr?

It is a place where anyone can sell their services. Here the services providing by the users are called as “Gigs”. For every fiverr gig the basic fee is $5.

How the fiverr works?

In fiverr we have two important users. They are

  1. Seller
  2. Buyer

First let’s talk about seller:

A seller is a person who sells his services in the form of gigs. Suppose if anybody orders for your gig or services. The buyer has to pay $5 to fiverr. In that fiverr pays $4 to seller if he delivers his service or gig within the specified time. Remaining $1 fiverr will keep. In this way we can earn money from fiverr.

Now let’s talk about buyer:

Buyer is the person who can buy any service, he want on fiverr by paying minimum $5.

Fiverr gig ideas.

Choose a service which has maximum demand on internet. In my view providing website traffic and SEO for websites are the best. So these are the two best fiverr gigs which can give more money.

How to make money on fiverr?

How to sign up for fiverr?

  • Go to the fiverr.
  • Create an account by entering your basic details.
  • After creating account, you will receive an email from fiverr.
  • Now open your email and click on link which was sent by fiverr in order to activate your account.
  • Finally the important one creating gigs.

First stage:

  • Click on “create a gig”.
  • In the title option type the heading of your service which you are going to provide for users.
  • After writing your gig title then it is the time to select gig category.
  • Select a suitable category of your gig.
  • In the description write something about your service in brief.
  • Then enter the tag that means here you want to type some words which are related to your gig.
  • At last save and continue to next step.

Second stage:

  • Now select delivery time that means how many days you are required to deliver the service if you get order.
  • Within short time step by step procedure for creating a new gig with screen shots will be updated soon.
  • Further details at creating a gig.
  • How to withdraw money from fiverr?
  • The payment method for fiverr is through paypal. If you have paypal account then link paypal email in fiverr account. If you don’t have paypal account, take time and create paypal account.

Download android fiver app.

Last and but not least, making online money with fiverr is so simple. Feel free to comment on my “how to make money on fiverr” article. Still tips and tricks on making money on fiverr will be updated soon.