Know train running status with the app on your Smartphone

Learn how to know the train running status with the best app online. Train running information can be known through this app. In this app live running status of train will be updated for every 30 min in this app. Even if the train is late we can know about it.

train running status

What is a train running status?Train running status means we can know the exact location of train at present where it is. So that you can get one idea about your train’s arrival.

Best app for knowing current train running status:

In Google play store there are many apps available for knowing the train details. Like for getting information about train schedule and its timings, for booking tickets online, knowing about seat availability, apps for knowing the train PNR status, for knowing the train time table and so on. All of these information can be known through only one app. So let’s know about that app. The app name is IXIGO. This app is one of the top app while compared to other train related apps.

Features of IXIGO train App:

Supported Languages:

We can browse the app in eight languages. We can enquire all the information in our own languages. The supported languages are English, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Bengali. The default language will the English. So if you are not feeling comfort with the English language then you can switch to your own language.

Free WiFi Services at stations:

Through this app we can avail free WiFi services at railway stations.

Steps for enabling WiFi:

Open your WiFi settings in your Smartphone.

Select Railware network.

Now open the browser and type ‘’.

Then it takes you to login.

Type your mobile number and then click “Receive SMS”.

After that you will be received OTP.

Enter that OTP in login screen.

Now click on “done”.

Your mobile is connected high speed WiFi.

So enjoy the free WiFi services.

Checking Seat Availability in the train:

While booking tickets we can check the availability of seats. With this feature we can book train tickets based on seats availability.

Coach Position of the train:

train running status

Generally we will be facing some typical situations regarding this coach position. We don’t know exactly where we have to stand to get in to the train according to our tickets. Through this app we can know the details of coach position of the train.

Setting Alarms to remind station:

train running status

If our journey is too long generally we will sleep in the train. This is a common thing. But sometimes this leads to problems. There is a chance of not wakening at right time before our station arrivals. If this happens then will miss our stations. To avoid this we can set a alarm to woke up us before station arrivals. For this in our mobile we should enable location, mobile should be on and should have internet in on. if all these three are working then it reminds you before your station arrivals.

Live train Running Status:

train running status

We can get the details about train running information. We can spot the train at real time. Almost all the train running status can be checked by using this app. Train delay details also can be known in this app.

Check PNR Status:

train running status

We can check PNR status of our ticket at anytime. While booking tickets we can also know the ticket confirmation chances. This ticket confirmation chances will be shown in percentages.

train running status

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