Know how to delete whatsapp images that may be Junk or useless images from android mobile

Learn how we can delete whatsapp images that may be junk or useless images from android mobile. We can delete all unwanted, useless photos from whatsapp within minutes automatically.

delete whatsapp images

We know that in whatspp every day, we will be receiving many messages text as well as images. If we have more whatspp contacts then there is chance of receiving more messages in a single day. All those whatsapp images are not useful or helpful. In all whatsapp images some only useful to us, remaining are not. If you keep all whatsapp images in mobile, then whatsapp images will eat your memory in mobile. This leads to the so many problems. If we have less space in mobile, the phone runs slowly. Sometimes it leads to hanging of a mobile also. So here am going to show how we can delete whatsapp useless or junk images from android mobile.

Follow the below steps to delete whatsapp images- junk images from android mobile.

Go to the Google Play store.

Download Siftr Magic Cleaner.

Now install the app into your mobile.

delete whatsapp images

Then run the app on your mobile.

Now shows like below screenshot.

delete whatsapp images

It needs to access your images, so tap on that.

Now it shows the total number of whatsapp images available in your Smartphone.

delete whatsapp images

Now tap on tap on the picture i.e. on the head of old man.

Immediately it starts analyzing all junk and useless photos from whatsapp.

After analyzing it shows total junk files.

delete whatsapp images

If you have any junk or useless photos then tap and delete it.

Now your whatsapp is clean without junk images.

Like this you can delete your junk or useless photos from whatsapp. Not only whatsapp it supports other apps like viber, line, hike and telegram. Even your phone also can be analyzed for junk images through this app. So just download this app and delete whatsapp images which you don’t need from your mobile.