Infolinks Affiliate Program singn up details

Learn how to apply for infolinks affiliate program in detail and earn a decent money from your website or blog each and every month

Infolinks is one of the best affiliate program. This is to be considered as the best alternative to Google Adsense. For applying to this affiliate program you no need to have huge traffic to your website or blog. If you have a decent traffic of about 100 page views per day then you can apply to this program. The registration process is also very very simple when compared to google adsense. We can complete Registartion completes in within minutes. After applying to Infolinks Affilate Program they will take hardly one or two days to approve your application. Once they approve your application then you can start implementing infolinks ads in your website with some simple optimization. If you are using wordpress then it is very simple to implement. After successful registration you will be having Publisher ID number for your account. In wordpress plugins download Infolinks plugin and activate it. Then go to settings and open infolinks. In that type your publisher ID number and save the settings. Then infolinks ads will appear into your website it’s so simple right. One important thing is that along with Google adsense we can use infolinks also absolutely no problem in this. We can use both in one website.

Types of ads that will appear in Infolinks Affiliate Program

1.Intext ads

 Infolinks Affilate Program Intext ads

2.Infold ads

 Infolinks Affilate Program Infold ads

3.Inframe ads

 Infolinks Affilate Program Inframe ads

4.Intag ads

 Infolinks Affilate Program Intag ads

5.Inscreen ads

In this type of ads the ads covers full screen


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