Details of ICICI bank minimum balance in brief

This is a guide to know about ICICI bank minimum balance details. We know that according to the new bank rules. Each account holder has to maintain a minimum balance in their accounts. We should understand that maintenance of minimum balance is not only applicable for ICICI bank account holders, but the same applies to all other banks.

ICICI bank minimum balance

In my previous articles, I have given details on minimum balance in SBI. Of course one will think that if they won’t maintain a minimum balance in their ICICI accounts, what will happen? If you think like that then definitely you have to pay for it. ICICI bank can collect some money from you as a fine with the reason of non maintenance of minimum balance in your account.

So you should know the ICICI minimum balance that you should maintain in your account. ICICI bank has categorized the minimum balance based on the areas.

Area wise ICICI bank minimum balance numbers (in rupees) are given below

Rural Areas                                  2000

Metro Areas                                 10000

Urban Areas                                 10000

Semi urban Areas                           50000

Gramin or village Areas                       1000

The above data gives you a brief idea about ICICI bank minimum balance that each ICICI bank account member should maintain.