How to save on electricity bills

Today In this materialistic world, money is all what we care about but the same does not go for energy resources. It is only at the end of the month, we come to realize the importance of both. Saving a little money on electricity bill is also beneficial in so many forms.

Save on electricity bills

It enhances mobilization of funds i.e. the money saved on bills can be utilized for some other purposes and with that the quality of life can be improved in a better way. When you save electricity, you ensure its supply to the parts where there is lack of electricity. It also does its part for the environment as we know that the exhaustible resources are saved and thus ensure their feasibility for longer periods. So from your side do the best in all the aspects in order to save power to the maximum level. Follow the below steps which were discussed for saving your bills. All the points discussed here very helpful for saving the energy, so don’t take it easy.

  1. Adopt CFL Bulbs

As we all know that CFL abbreviation is Compact Fluorescent Lamp and it is a fluorescent light that are designed in such a way that these lights will be replaced by the regular light bulbs and can fit into their fixtures as well. CFL bulbs give the same quality and quantity of visible light as compared to the general light bulbs but using one-fifth of the power and lasts 8-15 times longer. Though CFL is costed at a higher price, it saves much more money than the incandescent bulb in its lifetime.

There are two types of them, linear ones and spiral ones. The former is cheaper but the latter is more efficient and saves more electricity. They also help on commercial bills with their power factor and ensures the bill remains under the threshold.  

The popular brands include Osram, Bajaj and Havells while Philips is considered to be the best. The MRP for a general 8W essential ranges from ₹170 to ₹200 and saves around 50% of your power as compared to a bulb


  1. Go Solar Equipped

Do you know that Solar systems works on capturing solar energy with the help of photovoltaic cells and thus are also known as photovoltaics (PV). They do not need direct sunlight and can generate some energy on a cloudy day as well. They may be a little costlier but it is considered to be one-time investment and saves the maximum of energy.

As it saves around 75% energy, you pay less for your electricity and thus save a whole lot of money on bills. You can get them installed on your rooftop and even use systems like solar cooker, solar heater etc. for daily household usage. A typical grid can cost you around 1 lakh but it will save a lot more during its long lifetime.

  1. Use online bill payment offers

It involves our internet to make the bill payments. Long gone are the days when people had to wait hours in the ever-tiring queues to make the bill payments. Now it is all about convenience and efficiency. This is also one avenue where you can save on electricity bills by availing various offers and discounts provided.

There are several platforms for online payment of bills such as PayTm, MobiKwik, Freecharge etc. These companies give electricity bill payment offers to their customers and encourage them to make payments through them. You can go their site or download their application on phone and make payments from there on. Offers such as ₹75 cashback on PayTm and ₹200 SuperCash on MobiKwik are luring the customers.


  1. Say NO to electricity wastage

You can reduce your electricity bill by not wasting it. A huge amount of energy is wasted due to negligence and recklessness. You need to shut down your appliances when you don’t need them especially ACs and Televisions as they require greater amount of electricity. Whenever you leave the room, switch off the fans as these small savings make the difference. Your careful behaviour along with efficient systems will help reducing electricity usage and thus save money.


  1. Keep a check on energy savers

With the advancement in technology, there are now various appliances and devices that are enabled to save energy. They are programmed in such a way that these ‘smart devices’ will help you spend less cash with your bills. Like when you switch on the motor for your household water, you might have left the switch on various times. Now you can have devices which alarm you as soon as its time to switch it off thus save money. Nowadays, home appliances are termed as energy efficient and are marketed as great savers. Though they do not much make a difference, but even few pennies worth something.


  1. Do you Laundry right

Heating the water in the washing machine costs around 90% of the usage and thus it is highly advised to wash your clothes in cold water to drastically lower your energy load. Don’t stack up your drier to the brim and leave around 25% of the space in order to ensure movement of hot air and you have to run the drier twice. Using the washing machine effectively and efficiently can help you skip the bill easily.


  1. Use smart appliances

These days all devices and appliances are termed ‘smart’ as they save energy and reduce electricity consumption. They come with a star rating out of 5 and higher the rating more efficient the device is. If your device is older than 10 years, then it is time to get rid of it as it takes up more power than required.


  1. Study your home

You need to analyse and evaluate your house and its electrification. This is one method where you can have drastic reduction in bills by clearing faults from the source. For example, faulty and old wiring can increase the consumption as it takes more time to heat and even accounts for loss of power. You can also have an energy audit done by a company to know where you can trim your usage. If you do not find any, take matters in your own hands and start doing it.


  1. Condition your ACs and Heaters

Air Conditioners and heaters are the two appliances that take the most of the energy use and are often misused thus leading to high amounts of bills. Open all the vents in your house as they increase the consumption of energy and makes it difficult for the AC to cool the room. One should not only rely on AC as ceiling fans situated at correct places help in circulating cool air and driving hot air out of home. You can also draw curtains and blinds on a sunny day and even use external shading to keep the room cool.

  1. Act as One

When more people take responsibility, higher are the chances of achieving the objective. Your family can act as one and ensure there is no wastage. One should switch off the fans while leaving the room and can avoid sitting in different rooms to reduce on consumption. Make various rules for the house and abiding them can help saving money on electricity bills.



Where there is will, there is a way. One should not get disheartened by enormous amounts of electricity bills. There are numerous and efficient ways of reducing the power usage and saving money. It just needs your attention and judicious use of appliances. In other cases, it might require use of technology and internet like discounts and coupons to pay a lesser amount on bill. So, with this article I hope now it will be an easier road ahead for you as far as electricity bills are concerned.