How much money blogging gives to bloggers

Here am going to discuss about the amount of money blogging gives to bloggers and whether we can take blogging as a career or not.

Hi friends, let’s talk about blogging and making money with blogging. Whenever we are talking about blogging we talk about how much money from blogging we can earn. In general, some people without starting a blog they talk about money from blogging. I think before talking about money first we should focus on blogging and developing it. We all know that nothing gets in a easy way. In the same way making money from blogging also takes time.

money blogging

When I said to my friends that am blogging. Immediately they asked me about my income from blogging. My final answer to them is just wait and see. My suggestion to new bloggers is first create a nice blog and develop it without expecting money from your blog. One important thing while developing your blog is try to achieve a good Alexa Rank. In my view getting a good Alexa Rank is not that much hard. If you do blogging seriously then with in short time you can achieve your goal. If you have a good Alexa Rank then automatically traffic to your blog also will be very good. Yes we can take blogging as a career. Because we can earn a decent amount from blogging. From which we can lead a happy life.

money blogging

My inspiration for blogging is first it is Mr. Amit Agarwal founder of labnol. I think he is the first person from India who has taken blogging as a career. Then today when you search for any technology related information on Google. In first page itself we can see the shoutmeloud website. This shows that the popularity of that website. This is also one of the top blog in India. Shoutmeloud founder is Mr. Harsha Agarwal. Finally when we talk about money earning through blogging. We can earn unlimited money from blogging. It depends upon how much good is your blog in Google search. So friends start blogging without thinking about how much money blogging gives us.