Freedom 251 phone inside story

Inside story and Secrets behind the launch of freedom 251 phone launch are discussed here in a brief. We know that ringing Bell Company announced a smart phone with a cost price of 251 rupees. By announcing cheapest phone it created a sensation in India. Opening of this mobile is grandly launched at Delhi by BJP leader. Now the point is that whether it becomes successful in launching this mobile or not. When other big companies are struggling to launch a mobile at below 2000. The ringing bell company is going to launch at just 251 rupees with good features.

freedom 251 phone

Majority of mobile companies are saying that it’s just a tactic. They are saying all these are only for creating publicity. And for gaining all the attention towards their company they played this game. Actually if one thinks deeply we can say that it is impossible to produce a smart phone at this price.

Website of freedom 251 phone crushed?

Actually online booking of freedom 251 phone is started on 18th morning at 6 A.M. After knowing this information from early morning onwards so many rushed to visit the website for booking mobile phone. So due to the unusual traffic to the website their servers become down. Within hours its online booking has break down.

freedom 251 phone

Few hours’ later company announced that online booking has stopped and they will be back soon as soon as possible. If we observe the past so many companies came with these kind of announcements. But finally they are unsuccessful in providing mobiles at cheaper price. Now the ringing bell came with same announcement. Those who are booking online for freedom 251 just think a second and book. But finally all these doubts will be cleared in coming days. So like other companies ringing bell also becomes unsuccessful or creates sensation by providing it.