Free basic internet program of facebook is dropped

Facebook free basic internet program complete information and it’s inside facts and secrets are discussed here in a brief.

Earlier facebook has introduced This was not that much successful in India. Later facebook changed the to free basics. This is called facebook free basic internet program. According to facebook CEO, with free basics program we can get access to some websites for free. That means without any internet tariff we can access some websites. He said this will help some poor people. Facebook came forward to introduce this free basics program along with some telecom companies. When facebook came with this idea in India. There are so many allegations on facebook and telecom companies.

free basic internet

What is hidden fact in the facebook free basic internet program?

Actual fact is that in facebook free basics only some limited numbers of websites are free. So for remaining websites they are going to charge. This will be based on nature or content or type of website. From these only they are going make money. So that only many of internet users are against this program. Actually this is against rules and regulations of net neutrality. According to net neutrality, there should not be any difference in internet tariff based on type or content of website. In a simple way we can say that, netigens are free to use any website that available on internet. So if free basics introduced this freeness will not be there. So this is the main reason for opposing this program of facebook.

free basic internet

For promoting this program facebook has done publicity in a big manner. By giving TV ads and paper ads in India. Not only this for their users they send direct messages to support their program in India. But after so many discussions, TRAI has decided that facebook free basic internet program is against net neutrality. So that this program cannot be accepted in India. By this decision so many netigens are feeling happy.