Fd interest calculator online

This is a guide to know about calculation of fd interest. With fd interest calculator we can calculate interest of any bank. For this you should have some basic details with you. Anyone can do this by sitting at home.

fd interest calculator

Generally everyone wanted to know how much interest they get after depositing some amount in bank. For knowing about interest we cannot go to bank. From home and through internet we can find the interest amount. There are some easy ways to find the interest rates without going to bank. If you have your bank app then it is very easy to check your interest amount. Banks like SBI in their apps its showing clearly how much interest we can get for a particular period. Otherwise we can calculate fd interest by following below given steps.

Basic information required for using fd interest calculator:

The total amount you are going to deposit.

Starting date of fixed deposit.

Ending date or maturity date of fixed deposit.

Rate of interest (%).

These are the information you have to provide in order to calculate fd interest.

fd interest calculator

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Steps for calculating fd interest:

Download the below given fd format excel sheet.

Enter the name of the bank.

Type name of the family member.

Enter the fixed deposit amount.

Now enter starting date of fixed deposit.

Enter the time period. Here you can choose your time period in years or months or days.

Then automatically the maturity date it takes.

And also it shows number of days of fixed deposit.

Then enter the rate of interest. This depends upon bank to bank. So kindly see bank website for interest rates.

Finally it shows the interest amount, maturity amount that you are going to get.

fd interest calculator

Hope this article gives you a basic idea about interest that you are going to receive. Let me know if you are having any doubt about it.

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