Enable Google voice search for Android

All the android users can now enable Google voice search popularly known as “Ok Google”. By this searching Google is so simple. Generally we use Google to search any information or content. For this we just go to Google search and we will type the keyword. Then it will show some results according to our keyword. Now no need of typing we can search anything on Google by Google voice search.

google voice search

What is Google voice search on Android?

It is a tool from Google by which one can search information on Google search just by voice. Its name is “ok Google”.

google voice search

How to turn on Google voice search on Android?

First thing is that you should have latest Google app.

Then open Google app in your android phone.

Now open settings.

Go to voice.

Select ok Google detection.

How does Google Voice search function?

Open Google app in your mobile

Then say “ok Google” to search that means you are ready to speak

Now speak the word which you want to search.

google voice search

It will listen and shows that word results.

Note: Google mobile voice search process and pc voice search is same.

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Android Google Voice search requirements

Google app in your android phone must be 3.5 or higher than 3.5

Android phone version must be 4.4 or more than 4.4

How to enable Google voice search on Chrome browser?

You can do it by simple steps.

Open your chrome.

Go to right top corner and open setting.

Check whether “ ok Google “ checked or not.

If it is not checked please check it.

Google voice search for desktop is same as voice search of android mobiles.

List of apps where Google voice search can be used.








Other best apps from Google for Android, Tablet and PC.

You can download all these apps from Google play store for android mobiles, for Iphone download from apple store.

Google App

Google Photos

Google Documents

Google Gmail

Google Sheets

Google Slides

Google Calendar

Goolge  Chrome

Google Drive

Google Maps

Google Allo

Google Duo


Youtube Music

This Google voice search product of Google is very useful and it is regarded as best voice search at present.