Earning money online with blogger

Earning money online with a blogger now days is not that much difficult, infact it is easy if you have some guidance. Lots of engineers, government employees and students are turning their career towards blogging, with these they are earning lot of money and leading a happy life. earning money onlineEveryone can do this, now I will show you how to get started in blogging

How to create a blog for earning money online

A blog is a personal online journal in which we can publish our opinions on different issues. Now let’s see how to create a blog. In internet there are mainly two websites that will provide blogs for free in that first one is blogger.com and the second one is WordPress. In these two websites which one you prefer you can choose it and you can create a blog, it’s completely free which will help you to earn money online. If you are choosing blogger.com you should have Gmail account compulsorily. If you are choosing wordpress.com you should have any one email account. By using this you can processed for creating a blog. In process of creating a blog you have to choose a domain name of your blog means in your blog on what topic you are going to publish your posts, relating to that you can choose your blog domain name. Next important thing is choosing template to your blog that means design of your blog. These are the two main things that should be keep in mind while creating a blog. Once you create a blog then you can start posts on your blog.

How to earn money with your blog

Once you created your blog, next step to earn money with your blog is to apply for the Google Adsense Program. If Google accepts your blog then you can start making money with that. Now I will show you how it works. After accepting your blog by the Google you have to login to the Google Adsense account and in that HTML code for ads should be copied and that should be pasted in your blog account so that Google ads will appear on your blog. When someone clicks on your Google ads you will be paid like this way you can earn money online …..On this more information will be updated soon.