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Today the most popular operating system worldwide for desktops is windows. There are other OS also available. But they are not that much popular. Windows is a product of Microsoft Company. Before this windows 10 operating system windows 7 was the best one. Today also there are so many users who are using windows 7. Now Microsoft has released windows 10. In windows 10 there are so many exciting features. Suppose if your PC is having windows XP or windows vista, then we cannot upgrade to windows 10 as it is not supported for upgrade to windows 10.

windows 10 product key

Requirements for downloading windows 10 home edition.

  1. Processor should be 1GHZ or more than that for faster experience.
  2. Memory should be 1GB ram for 32-bit and 2GB Ram for 64-bit.
  3. In hard disk there should be atleast 20 GB space available.

Windows 10 we can get in two ways

  1. Upgrading

If you have genuine windows 7 or windows 8 or windows 8.1 we can freely upgradable to windows 10.

  1. Buying new desktop or laptop

Just purchase a PC in which windows 10 is pre installed in it.

Windows 10 product key

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