Create Pr9 dofollow backlinks free from facebook


This is a step by step tutorial for getting pr9 dofollow backlinks free from facebook. If a blog or website wanted to rank high in top search engines. They should have quality dofollow backlinks. Quality backlinks means getting backlinks from high page rank websites. Today we know the popularity of facebook among netigens. As facebook page rank is 9 getting dofollow backlinks from it is really well worth. Here am going to speak about getting dofollow backlinks from facebook. If you get backlinks from facebook definitely it will boost your website in search engines like Google, yahoo and so…on to top.


Observe below steps for acquiring pr9 dofollow backlinks free from facebook.


  1. Open your facebook account and go to your official facebook page.

Pr9 dofollow backlinks free

2. In case if you don’t have then go for creating it.

3.After creating facebook page, in your facebook search option type “ static html iframe tabs”.

Pr9 dofollow backlinks free

4.Now on the top you can see “ apps” option click it.

5.Select first one( click on use now) that is static html : iframe tabs.

Pr9 dofollow backlinks free

6.Now click on “ Add static html to a page”.

Pr9 dofollow backlinks free

7.Then visit your facebook page.

8.You can see more option so click on it.

Pr9 dofollow backlinks free 9.Now click on welcome option.

10.Click on edit tab.

Pr9 dofollow backlinks free

11.Then in the index.html paste the below code.

Pr9 dofollow backlinks free

11.As my blog is techappsmedia so I given my blog address and title.

  1. So replace my blog address and title with your blog address and title.
  2. Now you have effectively created pr9 dofollow backlinks free from facebook.

I Hope this tutorial helps you in gaining a high quality dofollow backlinks actually this a free dofollow backlinks from facebook. Feel free to remark about this article looking forward to see your suggestions.


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