Create free blog in easy ways online

This is step by step manual to create free blog using some easy ways. First let’s see what’s a blog. Blog is a place on internet where we can share our thoughts, experiences, knowledge with others. We have to main platforms for creating free blog. They are 1. Blogger 2. WordPress. On these two platforms we can create a free blog. Now let’s go through one after the other.

create free blog

Create free blog using Blogger:


  • For creating a blog on blogger we should have Gmail Account. This is mandatory.
  • create free blog
  • If you don’t have Gmail Account first create it. Otherwise if have then go to
  • Directly it goes to Gmail Account then sign in into Gmail.
  • Then it will takes to you to Blogger
  • Here you will get two options so most preferably choose “blogger profile” option
  • create free blog
  • Type display name that means type your name
  • Then click on “New Blog”
  • create free blog
  • Here type your name of the Title of your blog
  • create free blog
  • Then type address of your blog which you want to live on internet
  • It will checks the address whether it is taken by other users or not
  • If it is not available then go for next web address
  • Then pick the template for your blog that means design of your blog
  • After that click on “Create Blog “
  • Now your blog is created start writing and posting articles
  • create free blog
  • For writing your first article click on “new Post”
  • Then type the Title of your post
  • create free blog
  • Below that start writing article
  • create free blog
  • After finishing article click on publish button.
  • Then it will directs to your posts
  • Now if you want to see your live blog click on view blog
  • create free blog
  • That’s it now you have published your first post
  • So like this you can post no of articles. Keep going

Create free blog using wordpress:

  • Go to
  • Click on create website
  • create free blog
  • Then it will directs to page where we have to pick up theme for our website
  • create free blog
  • Choose your favorite theme from the available themes
  • Then it directs for choosing your domain name
  • create free blog
  • This means it is your blog address on internet
  • Type your “domain name”
  • Then it will check online whether it is available or not
  • create free blog
  • If it is available choose “first option” which is free
  • Choose plan for your blog here choose “first plan” which is to be free
  • Then type your email address and password
  • create free blog
  • Click on create my account
  • It will directs to your blog
  • So now if you want to write down any article click on get started here
  • create free blog
  • Before writing article verify your email by logging into your e-mail account
  • In title bar type your title of your post
  • create free blog
  • Below type your content
  • If you want to see preview of your post click on preview
  • Otherwise click on publish
  • That’s it your blog is live on internet now

Hope this tutorial helps you in creating free blog. Waiting for your feedback.


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