Computer abbreviations list with pdf

In this article am going to discus about the some important computer abbreviations. Here I will give you the important computer abbreviations list. These Computer abbreviations, am also going to provide in pdf format. I think this article will help you on gaining some knowledge about some basic computer abbreviations. Even though its look like simple but many of them don’t know the full form of computer terms. Now let’s see, what are the common computer abbreviations.

Computer abbreviations list

Here is computer abbreviations list.

OS – Operating System

GPS – Global Positioning System

RAM – Random Access Memory

USSD – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

LTE – Long Term Evolution

CD- Compact Disc

LAN- Local Area Network

3G- 3rd Generation

CAD- Computer Aided Design

DVD- Digital Video Disk

PDF- Portable Document Format

GB- Giga byte

MB- Mega byte

KB- Kilo byte

Computer abbreviations list

IP- Internet Protocal

www- World Wide Web

GIF- Graphics Interchange Format

SMS- Short Message Service

LCD- Liquid Crystal Display

ROM- Read Only Memory

WMV- Windows Media Video

CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access

ATM- Automated Teller Machine

PC- Personal Computer

2G- 2nd Generation

4G- 4th Generation

HTC- High Tech Computer

PNG- Portable Network Graphics

CPU- Central Processing Unit

HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocal

Cc- Carbon Copy

HTML- Hypertext Markup Language

DSL- Digital Subscriber Line

PAN- Permanent Account Number

UPS- uninterruptible power supply

USB- Universal Serial Bus

SD card- Secure Digital Card

I/O- Input/ output

JPEG- Joint Photographic Experts Group

URL- Uniform Resource Locator

AVI- Audio Video Interleave

SIM- Subscriber Identity Module

ISP- Internet Service Provider

MPEG- Moving Picture Experts Group

HDMI- High Defination Multimedia Interface

PIN- Personal Identification Number

GSM- Global System for Mobile

CCTV- Closed Circuit Television

VCD- Versatile Compact Disk

MAC- Media Access Control

AAC- Advanced Audio Coding

IBM- International Business Machine

GPU- Graphics Processing Unit

ADSL- Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

TCS- Tata Consultancy Service

CAM- Computer Aided Manufacturing

AM- Ante Meridien

PM- Post Meridien

BIOS- Basic Input Output System

HDTV- High Definition Television

ALU- Arithmetic Logic Unit

DAT- Digital Audio Tape

DOS- Disk Operating System

PnP- Plug and Play

VGA- Video Graphics Array

VDU- Visual Display Unit

VIRUS- Vital Information Resources Under Seize

WAN- Wide Area Network

I hope you liked the information on list of Computer abbreviations and in future am going to write more about computer abbreviations.

Download Computer abbreviations here Computer abbreviations list pdf.