Everything you should know about canara bank minimum balance

Here am going to discuss about the canara bank minimum balance details. If you are having canara bank account then this article, regarding minimum balance in canara bank account is very useful. Now you are going to learn about canara bank minimum balance details and the possible issues you are going to face with the non-maintenance of minimum balance.

canara bank minimum balance

Opening an account in canara bank is not a big thing, basically now days it is a very simple process. But maintaining a minimum balance in the account is very important. It is fact that many canara bank account holders do not have enough knowledge about the minimum balance that they have to maintain in the bank account.

Canara bank minimum balance details are given below:

For Rural Areas:

The average monthly balance should be Rs.500

For Urban, semi-urban and Metro Areas:

The average monthly balance should be Rs.1000

We know that while opening an account in the canara bank, the bank person will say that we have to deposit some amount in our savings account. The amount which we are depositing at the time of opening an account in canara bank is nothing but minimum balance. This minimum balance amount is not same for all the banks. Minimum balance varies from bank to bank.

Effects of non-maintenance of minimum balance in canara bank:

If you won’t maintain the above-mentioned minimum balance there is a chance of charging some amount as a fine.

So be careful with your canara bank savings account balance. Always check your account balance, whether it has a minimum balance or not. If not you will be in risk. So, maintain the minimum balance in your canara bank account. Any suggestions on this article are always welcome.

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