Are you aware of bank of baroda ATM withdrawal limit

If you are using bank of baroda ATM card, then you should know bank of baroda ATM withdrawal limit in a day. Every bank has cash withdrawal limit from ATM centers. Bank of baroda is also having ATM withdrawal limits through their ATMs. Even though you have more money in your bob accounts you cannot withdraw the maximum amount from ATMs.

After introducing ATMS life became easy for every account holders. He or she need not to go the bank for withdrawing money. We can use ATM to withdraw money. But we can withdraw money in limited only. If you want to withdraw more money you cannot do with bob ATMs. You should approach your home branch to withdraw more money. Don’t think that whatever money you want you can withdraw from ATMS. So you should have minimum knowledge regarding ATM withdrawal limits.

bank of baroda ATM withdrawal limit

Bank of baroda ATM withdrawal limit per day:

You can withdraw the cash, a maximum of Rs.25000 in a day from bob ATMS.If you are shopping you can spend Rs.50000 in a day. So this is the Bank of baroda ATM withdrawal limit from your account. According to that you plan your needs.

This withdrawal limit is not same for all other banks. It depends upon bank to bank. If you other bank accounts. If you want to know atm withdrawal limit you can visit nearest ATM center or branch.

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