How Bank Apps are useful in our daily life

Today I will discuss about how bank apps are useful, how bank apps are saving time to us and how important these apps in our daily life and also let’s see how to download bank apps…

Bank apps are playing a key role today. Each and every bank is having their banking app so that their account holders can use banking services in a much easier way. Before the introduction of bank apps everybody was used to go for bank to avail banking services. Even for a small work they used to approach bank. As days are changing and internet is available to everyone now, banking services are also changed. First banks introduced online banking facility through which they can avail maximum services without going to bank. Later they introduced mobile banking through this account holders can know available balance, credits, debits, and other basic services. When smart phones are introduced smart phone technology changed the mobile world completely in the same way when bank apps introduced it changed the banking industry in a great extent. Along with smart phone technology developing of games and other apps for smart phones are also increased. Later the bank apps also started developing apps for their banks.Now through the banking apps you can do almost all transactions like fund transfer to same branch and to other branches or to other banks. State bank of Indiastate bank of india bank app has introduced three major apps 1. State bank anywhere 2. State bank buddy 3. State bank samadhaan here each app has some major services to avail. State bank samadhaan is recently introduced in which we can get our bank statements for last six months and we can give complaints if we have any…without approaching bank.


Downloading of Bank Apps:

You can download all the bank apps from Google play Store for google play storeandroid smart phones and from apple apps market you can download for iphones