APSPDCL full form details

Know what is APSPDCL abbreviation i.e. APSPDCL full form details. The fact is that many of us don’t know APSPDCL full form. So let’s know what is APSPDCL and its abbreviation.

APSPDCL full form

APSPDCL is power Distribution Company in Andhra Pradesh. It supplies power to almost 6 districts in Andhra. APSPDCL is having a toll free number from which it offers so many good services to the customers. Now APSPDCL is also introduced mobile app to the customers.

Find APSPDCL full form below:


A stands for Andhra

P stands for Pradesh

S stands for Southern

D stands for Distribution

C stands for Company

L stands for Limited

And finally APSPDCL  is

Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited”