5G Internet Speed and 5G Technology

Here am going to discuss about 5G technology and 5G internet speed. As technology is changing , let’s see what is 5G and what is 5G Internet Speed.

We know that at present we are experiencing full fledged 3G technology. Not only this at some main cities we are also experiencing 4G technology. When we talk about these technologies before some years back, there are no communicating devices. After some days we got chance to use landline phones foe communicating. Then some basic mobile phones came into existence. In which we had some basic features only, like voice call, message. So this is considered as 1G means first Generation mobiles. Then after some years we had mobiles of 2G. In 1G mobile they included camera and internet features also. These mobiles are considered as second Generation Mobiles (2G). We know that in 2G mobiles internet is very slow. To download any file or any song it used to take lot of time. To overcome this third Generation mobiles (3G) came into existence.

5G Internet Speed

Now in 3G we can transfer any files within min or we can download any movie within hours. The internet speed in 3G is about 5MB/sec. This shows that how much fast we can download a large file within min. With this the technology didn’t stop. The research went on and we got a chance to use 4G services also. The speed of 4G network is about 3 times the speed of 3G network. This means internet speed of 4G is 15MB/sec.Now technology is still developing and soon we can see 5G network.

5G Internet Speed

5G Internet Speed details and its uses

  • If 5G network comes into existence then everything becomes smart
  • With 5G network we can control all the internet based devices from any place
  • Internet speed of 5G may be 1GB/sec
  • With 5G internet speed we can transfer or we can download any file within sec
  • At small villages also 5G network can be provided
  • With this any work can be done from any place of the world